Chung Hwa Pulp Donated Ghost-Festival Groceries to Bethesda Care Home

Chung Hwa Pulp yesterday sent two representatives, Ren-yong Dai, Director of the Administration Department, and Zhong-hui Guo, Manager of Factory Affairs, to donate some considerable amounts of groceries bought in the Ghost-Festival to the Bethesda Care Home. Mr. Ren-yong Dai also called on people from all parts of society to pay attention and care for those disadvantaged people. Dean of Bethesda, Xiuzhen Wen, expressed sincere gratitude to those people from CHP for bringing a large amount of daily commodities each year to improve their children’s wellbeing. She praised the company for being a model of "heartfelt enterprise".

Chung Hwa Pulp held a Ghost-Festival Ritual on September 1 (July 11th of the Lunar Calendar) lead by Chairman Xiong-xiong Huang, General Manager, Chih-cheng Huang, and Chief Manager of the Mill Yan-zhen Xie. There were some business partners invited to join CHP in the ritual to pray for the wellbeing of the country as well as the prosperity of CHP’s factory production. The ritual was held with dignity and respect. Chung Hwa Pulp minimized the burning of paper money used in religious rituals comprehensively in response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s energy-saving and low-carbon policy.

Each year after finishing the Ghost Festival ritual, Chung Hwa Pulp would send groceries (rice, noodles, rice noodles, cooking oil, canned food, dry food, etc.) bought for the ritual to charity, making donations to the disadvantaged people. CHP is never hesitant in supporting local charity activities. In addition to take actions to care for the Bethesda Care Home every year, CHP also holds regular blood-donation activities in the mills. For a long time, CHP has consistently adopted public roads to take the responsibility of environmental cleaning, and moreover, held educational activities for children and parents to learn new science. CHP spares no effort in making contributions in the local area to fulfil its corporate social responsibility.