Business Strategy

CHP was founded in 1968 and merged with the paper and cardboard department of YFY Inc. in October 2012 to achieve improved efficiency in operations of pulp and paper manufacturing. The company mainly engaged in the production and sales of pulp, cardboard, printing papers, and special papers.

At present, we are committed to technological transformations in the development of paper for special functional applications and composite materials. Our products include medical paper, food packaging wrap, building materials and decoratives, and so on. The diversification in portfolio creates an operational synergy.

In addition, CHP is committed to environmentally sustainable development, and its plantation forestation has received international eco-certifications, including FSC™ COC Certification PEFC™ Certification, and Carbon Footprint Verification. CHP strives to achieve the goal of zero waste discharge and performs according to its principles for CSR.


Our product raw materials are primarily bio-based that are grown via natural photosynthesis. It is a preferred alternative to petrochemicals.
We devote ourselves through innovative technology development to achieve an effective circular economy for business and environmental sustainability.  


CHP operates business with integrity and emphasizes the importance of people and culture.

Technology innovation and perseverance are the keys for CHP‘s journey to excellence.