Latest information of the board of shareholders
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Latest information of the board of shareholders

Relevant information of the board of shareholders:
2021 Regular Shareholders’ Meeting
Date: July 7, 2021
Venue: 3rd Floor, GIS MOTC Convention Center, No. 24, Section I of Hangzhou South Road, Taipei City

Important proposals:

I. Acceptance matters:
1.Ratification of operating reports and financial statements for year 2020
2.Ratification of the loss appropriation for year 2020
II. Discussed matters:
1.Proposal of amendment to the Articles of Incorporation
2.Proposal of amendment to the Operational Procedures for Loaning Funds to Others
3.Proposal of amendment to the Operational Procedures for Making of Endorsement/Guarantees

For the shareholders who vote in the electronic form, please directly log in the「e-ticket channel of board of shareholders」of Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation to vote according to relevant statements
Note: no souvenir is donated at this Shareholders’ Meeting

Circumstance that cases are voted one by one at the Shareholders’ Meeting

In accordance with Article 177.1 of the Company Law: [when a company holds a Shareholders’ Meeting, it is required to exercise the voting right in the written or electronic form; if so, the execution method shall be specified in the convening notice of the Shareholders’ Meeting. However, the securities regulatory authority shall order the company to list electronic means as one of the voting rights exercising channels according to the company's size, number, and structure of shareholders and other necessary circumstances.
Since the Regular Shareholders’ Meeting held on June 25, 2013, the Company has exercised the voting right at Shareholder’s Meetings in the written or electronic form as specified in Article 177.1 of the Company Law, therefore, all proposals of Shareholders’ Meetings of the Company must be announced in advance, and delivered to the shareholders who fail to attend personally for case-by-case electronic voting, at the site of Shareholders’ Meetings, each proposal shall be voted and counted oneby one, instead of asking for opinions to all shareholders by Chairman and clapping to show agreement and approval.
After the end of Shareholders Meetings, the Company shall enter the result of agreement, disagreement or waiver into the Market Observation Post System,basic information→e-book→Annual reports and relevant data of Shareholders Meetings (including depository receipt materials) →Discussed business records of Shareholders Meetings

Top 10 shareholders

NT$ 10 per Share 2021.03.27
Name of major shareholders Shareholdings Shareholding ratio (%)
YFY Inc. 627,827,989 56.93
Shin-Yi Enterprise Co., Ltd. 50,149,248 4.55
Shin-Yi Recreation Co., Ltd. 23,624,028 2.14
Hsin-Yi Investment Co.,Ltd. 21,090,110 1.91
Polunin Emerging Markets Small Cap Fund 8,316,650 0.78
YFY paradigm Investment Co., Ltd. 7,752,732 0.70
Yuen-Hsin-Yi Enterprise Co., Ltd. 7,231,001 0.66
Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund, a Series of Vanguard International Equity Index Funds 5,252,000 0.48