Release base paper

CHP is well recognized in the global label and release specialty paper markets. Our Glassine paper product exhibits superior qualities, such as transparency, strength, and low silicone coating weight for cost reduction. Furthermore, CHP's CCK product can be effectively applied to the production of carbon fiber material under the most demanding manufacturing conditions.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Labels; Liner for paper and synthetic facestocks; Tape backing release base paper; Food & Medical packaging.

Products: Glassine, CCK - Clay Coated Kraft, PEK - Release base paper for PE-Lamination


Paper Surface material (Facestock)

CHP strives for product quality perfection to secure the important messages printed on every single label carrier. Our one-side coated paper offers reliable and consistent performance in printing, labeling and various converting applications

Primary product labeling; Glue applied labeling; VIP labeling

Products: Two/One-side coated paper, wood-free papers.