• Easy Series Non-Plastic Food Safety Solution

    In response to the global trend of plastic reduction and food safety, CHP has developed Easy series of non-plastic food safety paper solutions, breaking through the traditional laminating process of food paper containers, and can implement full recycling of food paper containers. The general paper can be directly allocated for recycling, without additional classification and recycling, making life more convenient and environmental protection simpler.

  • Label Industry

    ※ Products: Release Base Papers (Glassine, CCK, PEK Base) and Facestock materials (C1S, C2S, Woodfree)
  • Tape Industry

    ※ Products: Masking Tape Base Paper (Crepe) and Latex-Impregnated Masking Tape Paper
  • Food And Drinking Industry

    Food Safety & Sustainability is our first priority!

    ※ Products: Food Packaging Paper, Flexible Packaging Paper, Fluorine-free Grease-proof Paper and Paperboard, ESP® Paper Straw Paper (All certified by SGS in compliance with FDA regulations)
  • Medical Industry

    ※ Products: Medical Packaging suitable for Sterilization (Hi Lead and Hi Peak series). In accordance with EN868 and ISO-11607 regulations
  • Interior Decoration Industry

    ※ Product: Environmental friendly Saturating Kraft paper
  • Garment and Fast Fashion Industry

    ※ Product: Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper
  • Other Industries

    ※ Products: Industrial Specialty Packaging papers per customers’ requirements, such as preventing from surface damages of glass or metal/steel materials.