"Long Live the Forest, Love for the Planet "Short Stories Published

To make people understand better about the sustainable relationship between the nature, forest, trees, paper, and life, and pass the knowledge to others, CHP cooperated with the Future Learning Platform for the Children and Parents (of Global Views – Common Wealth Publishing Group) to publish a pamphlet named "Long Live the Forest, Love for the Planet Short Stories". The content focuses on the topic of the precious forest being the green treasure of the Earth, as well as three different vibrant activities: “Story Comics", "Knowledge Learning" and "Interactive Games". The publication is attempted to help children, young and old, to learn with ease about the forest function and the knowledge of the recycling economy.
Where else could you find a book handier than this, with which you can do self-learning, boost children’s knowledge, read beside the bed for children, and even play table games?

How much do you understand about the relationship between the forest and the life?
Now, let’s take action to show our love for the Planet
Long Live the Forest