Donating to Support School Establishment, Chung Hwa Pulp Received a Certificate of Appreciation

Located in the Guanghua Village of Ji'an Township, oneof Chung Hwa Pulp's mills has, for the long run, donated materials and funding to support Guanghua Elementary School for refurbishing the campus and making environment developments. In recent years, the company also subsidizes the school’s free after-school tutoring and talent courses, which has benefited numerous students. As Guanghua Elementary School will have its 40th anniversary this year, the school will hold a village-school sport day on Saturday (22nd), and during the event, pay tribute to CHP for its long-term care and effort made for the local education.

According to the Guidance of Encouraging Financial Support for Enhancing the Education of Hualien County, and the Rules for the Subsidization of School Education abided by CHP, the company’s subsidization can only be used in affairs directly related to students in Guanghua Elementary School. Starting from September 2011, CHP contributes NT$100,000 each semester to subsidize educational expenditures such as activity costs, expenses on homework and books (other than county subsidies), student group insurance, and parental meetings. The rest of funds may thus be spent in environmental improvements, simple maintenance works, and equipment expenditures, etc. The subsidization can alleviate the school and parents’ burden from getting sufficient educational funding.

Wei-yuan Luo, Director Of General Affairs, who has served in Guanghua Elementary School for 13 years, commented that as long as there was a request about school students made to CHP, the company always responded positively. Examples like money fertilizers for trees, printing papers, and yearly large-scale events of the school, year-end party, and graduation ceremony, have all been sponsored by CHP. Director Luo also said, “Since 2008, there have been no maintenance workers appointed to work in Guanghua Elementary School. Because the 3.5-hectare campus is not easy to manage, many campus works and green projects have relied on the remaining of the fund having been donated by CHP. This is such a kind gesture that has been much appreciated by the school.”

Yu-long Lin, Director of Academic Affairs, added that, in support of the school’s comprehensive curriculum development plan, CHP additionally donates a fund of NT$90,000 each semester in order to subsidize the free after-school tutoring and talent courses focusing on students of 3rd and 4th grades. Details of the plan include homework guidance, abacus classes, and daily English conversations, etc. “All of these have strengthened students’ confidence and ability in self-learning which should be attributed to CHP’s help,” said Mr. Kin.

This Saturday is Guanghua Elementary School’s 40th anniversary, and the biennial village-school sports day will be held on the same day. Principle Xiao-hua Liu, together with some local officials, will present the county government to award CHP a thank-you certificate as well as a rose lithograph to show gratitude for CHP’s achievement in fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities and the company’s dedication to providing support for the local education in the neighborhood. All community members, retiring faculties, and alumni are welcome to come back and join the sports festival to inspire our school children.