Experience of Sustainability: Chung Hwa Pulp Inaugurated Exhibition - The Forest and I


Exclusive exhibition “The Forest and I –Sustainability, Time, and Life” features the theme of exploring and understanding the forest environment. Chung Hwa Pulp has always been concerned about the the sustainable management of forest, and hopes to help people understand the importance of forest resources through education activities, which is inseparable from life application and cultural development. By taking this particular opportunity, CHP teamed up with the main organizers of the exhibition to co-hold this event, including the National Science and Technology Museum, Department of Forest Environment and Resources of National Taiwan University, Administration Office of the Experimental Forest of Bioresources and Agriculture College of National Taiwan University, the Forestry Bureau of Executive Yuan Agricultural Committee, the Forestry Commission of Executive Yuan Agricultural Committee, and Wutong Environmental Integration Foundation.

The exhibition has the following five features:
To "Smell" the Forest: The exhibition space will be full of pleasant forest scent. Upon entering into the exhibition, attendants will firstly walk through the "Wood Chip Trail" before getting to the forest. Spread all over the trail are pieces of tree barks of Taiwania, cedar and fir, which exude the scent of Phytoncides. In the "Forest Theater", there will be diffusers spreading essential oils of fir and eucalyptus to create natural enjoyment, and in the "Year of the Ring" puzzle, attendants will find different kinds of wood chips provided in glass bottles for people to smell the scents of various trees.
To "See" the Forest: In “the Ecology of Animals and Plants" section, the technology of augmented reality is applied to uplift the space into an observation platform decorated with graphic boards to illustrate the flora and fauna of the forest. At intervals, site light will darken down to allow the night cascade in. Through the projection and lighting design, the night forest scene can be presented, and this will not only allow audience to experience the change of day and night in the forest, but also adds fun to the exhibition tour.

To "Touch" the Forest: There are a variety of specimens of tree wheels displayed in this section for attendants to examine the textures and colors of wood. This demonstration also shows how tree branches can differ in appearance simply from the impact of external environment made on their tree wheels. There were also tracks of the movements of insects and birds on the trees for people to envisage and touch the wonder of the nature.

To "Feel" the Forest: In the "Forest Theatre", floor is covered with soft turf and stone-shaped beanbag sofa, together with forest sound and aroma surrounding the place. Here attendants are able to watch the film, "the Live Demand in the Foggy Forest", or a video shooting precious images of the seasonal change occurred in the Black Forest of Germany. The experience with hearing, seeing, and smelling in a forest will make attendants feel the beneficial effect of “forest therapy”.

To "Experience" the Forest: The "Forest Classroom" section offers the activity of assembling and making wood toys which require attendants to do with their hands, each month, there are lectures about ecology available for attendants to learn new knowledge, including "The Inner World of the Trees", "The Food Forest - Sack Farming", and "Correct and Healthy Ways of Trimming Trees”.

The exclusive forest exhibition will be held from January 19th to May 28th in the second and third exhibition halls of the National Science and Technology Museum. Lectures will be held every month and all employees are welcome.

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