Music Resounding in the Old Iron Bridge Wetland, Kaohsiung People Embraced the Aquatic Ecology in Melody

Even though it was raining all day, the passion of the people in the Dashu District for music was not extinguished. In one afternoon, a music concert was held in the Old Iron Bridge Wetland where the Butterfly Symphony Orchestra from Nantou Puli was invited to perform a series of popular Taiwanese suites and world famous songs, making the Old Iron Bridge Wetlands relishing in intoxicating melody during the rain.

The "Old Iron Bridge Wetland Concert" was jointly hosted by YFY Inc., Jiutang Mill of Chung Hwa Pulp, the Dashu District Office, and some local communities and clubs. With "Taking Care of Our Planet" being the theme, the concert offered a combination of experience with the aquatic environment and the kiln culture, attempting to charm people with the unique attraction of environmental protection.
“After years of nourishment, the aquatic ecology in the Old Iron Bridge Wetlands is now flourishing. A wide variety of creatures was found in this area, including birds of more than 15 families, 27 species, and 294 clades, insects of 4 families and 27 species of insects, in addition to more than 200 species of plants thriving here. This makes this place a model tourist site for the education of nature environment and kiln culture in the vicinity area of Kaohsiung.” Said XiaojingLi, the Director General of the Old Iron Bridge Association.
Mao-lin Hou, Director of the Jiutang Mill of CHP, also remarked, “In the Old Iron Bridge Wetland Park, water plays an important role. Water in this place majorly comes from Jiuliao River and CHP’s Jiutang Mill. The water discharged from the Jiutang factory is clear, because it needs to go through up to five water treatment processes before flowing into the river. Under 24-hr monitoring, the water is mixed and diluted and finally discharged to the river and become a main water source for the wetlands. So the water resource is retrieved from the wetland, and ends in irrigating the land.”

This concert attracted nearly 200 participants of residents and schoolchildren, with activities such as handsheet DIY, environmental protection breakthrough, and kiln handicraft. There were also guides assigned on site to help people explore the wetland. Officials including legislator Yi-ying Qiu, city councillors Fang-ru Lin and Jun-xianQiu, former city councillor Li-cheng Wu, the Environmental Protection Director of Kaohsiung City Meng-yu Tsai, the Water Resources Director of Kaohsiung City Chang-zhan Tsai, the Economic Development Bureau Deputy Director of Kaohsiung City Hong-rong Wang, and Dashu District Mayor Xiao-zhi Yang, all had themselves mixed with local people and made full attendance in the event.