Social Welfare
We mobilize company resources and volunteers  in cooperation with the NGOs to promote public participation assisting children and families in  the rural areas.  The activities cover culture, education , science and technology, environment, performing arts , especially taking good care of the underprivileged children.

Well publicized social activities anre as follows: 
Tutorial assistance to children in Taitung county
CHP volunteers work in cooperation with the rural Education Foundation and the Taitung Family Assistance Office. It provides tutorial assistance through the use of remote controlled video equipment to accompany children from disadvantaged families for good book reading and educational development. 
Hualien mill sponsor for rural education since 1989
It has been two generations since the beginning of our sponsorship to a neighborhood Guanghua Elementary School.
In addition, since 2014, a tutoring fund has been raised for the grade 3 and above students for after-school counseling and talent development activities. In terms of monetary support, our contribution exceeded 1.5 million US dollars.

Promote rural science education and foster scientific creativity
Promote popular science education in rural areas and cultivate scientific creativity. Since 2013, CHP has been sponsoring various scientific educational activities conducted by Yuanzhe Foundation in the east coast rural area. More than 2,800 primary and secondary school students in Hualien have benefited from these endeavors and the scientific literacy improved.

In addition, we co-sponsor varies science competitions including coding and chemistry etc. to promote science and technology education.